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Knowledge profile

I’m a person, who likes creating unusual combinations of technology to achieve results. I view tasks from both the developer and the sysop standpoint to find the optimal solution.

Programming languages

Operating systems

Contact information

Name: János Pásztor (John Sheppard) E-mail: Phone: +36302656467 Location: Budapest, Hungary, Europe Skype: janoszen Birthday: August 16, 1984

Job history

CTO at DotRoll Ltd. (Jan. 2011 to present)

Chief Technical Officer for all development and sysop tasks at DotRoll Ltd.


DotRoll Workflow Engine

Design of an event-based workflow management engine for handling large workloads of background processing.

DotRoll NewOnline

Reimplementation of the DotRoll website and hosting management panel based on a different framework, which was customized to the project needs.

Senior system administrator DotRoll Ltd. (Dec. 2008 to Dec. 2010)

Senior system adminstrator responsible for planning and building the DotRoll services from the system administration perspective.


DotRoll Webhosting

The DotRoll webhosting container, which allows users to SSH into their hosting account and run the same PHP/Perl/Python scripts they can access from the web. Employs resource management and chroot resticting of FastCGI and SSH processes.

DotRoll E-mail

A distributed, load balanced mail server cluster which compensates for node outage. Supports mailboxes, mail forwarding, DKIM signing and much more.

DotRoll VPS

A Xen-based VPS cluster for cliens, where the new VPS instances are automatically placed within the cluster.

DotRoll DNS

A DNS solution based on an LDAP backend load balanced across datacenters transparently.

.com/.net accreditation

The ICANN accreditation for .com/.net domain registration. Features among others deployment of a dual-datacenter backup, writing a whois server and deployment of an encrypted data upload to an escrow service.

PHP developer at Gigamad Ltd (Dec. 2007 to Nov. 2008)

PHP developer for an automobile and transport themed site with a used car search engine featuring more than 100 separate fields.

PHP developer at OdiTech Stúdió Ltd (Jun. 2007 to Oct. 2007)


An online contact lens store with credit card payment and order tracking.

The Maspex brand site with integrated CMS functions.

Minor works on the “Pöttyös” brand site.

A simple website with a block-style content engineering features.

Charity work

Voluntary system adminstrator at Karinthy Frigyes High School (2002 to present)


Migration from Novell Netware 4

Migration from the old Novell Netware 4 system to a new, Linux-based Windows network.

Automated Windows installation

Fully automated partitioning and installation of 50+ desktop computers with Windows XP, preloading software according to computer profile.


A kiosk software based on XULRunner, run on SunRay terminals, equipped with card readers for authentication.